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Fall 2012 Kids' DVD Round Up

With Halloween and Christmas drawing near (and occupying neighboring aisles in many stores), it's time to take a peek at what's new in children's DVDs. Not only are they seasonally themed, making for timely viewing, they also make great treats or stocking stuffers. Awesome Adventures: Thrills and Chills Volume 3 is a Halloween themed collection for preschoolers featuring four adventures with Thomas and Friends, one with Fireman Sam, and one with Bob the Builder. Thomas and Friends also star in a movie-length thriller (which in kid terms translates to a 61 minute mystery). Blue Mountain Mystery: The Movie finds Thomas assisting a small engine hiding in the Blue Mountain Quarry. Why is it there? What is it doing? Sounds mysterious to me! Extra features include a hide and peep game, a learning segment, and two karaoke videos.

Fireman Sam rings in the Christmas season with Holiday Heroes, a collection including five holiday episodes and a bonus Christmas music video. Thomas and Friends also celebrate the holidays with A Very Thomas Christmas. Four holiday episodes and one digital bonus episode are included, as are two bonus games.

Also new to DVD are Nelly and Caesar Volumes 1 and 2. This charming frog and mouse duo brings us animated fun from France, giving kids a taste of what children are watching in other countries.

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