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IFC's The 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time

I admit, I'm a fiend for movie trailers. I hate commercials in movie theaters, but I love love love seeing the trailers before the feature film. And just about as much as I love trailers, I love lists, and now IFC has come up with their own list of Top 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time. Their list is as curious as it is thoughtful, but they do have nice explanations as for why they chose particular trailers.

I was kind of pleased to see the inclusion of Independence Day (which goes along with my inexplicable fondness for Roland Emmerich disaster movies—see also 2012), as well the ubiquitous movie that folks loved to hate (once they found out is wasn't real) The Blair Witch Project.

One of IFC's choices, for a movie that I'm not even sure I've ever heard of, is a real gem. This is for a movie called Comedian starring Jerry Seinfeld. And Seinfeld doesn't even appear in the trailer!

Here's one of the all-time classics, the original trailer for The Shining. I totally remember this as a kid, and it was already nightmare-inducing, even without the creepy twin girls!

And, personally, I would add this teaser trailer for the original Transformers movie—a movie that SUCKED ASS, I might add... But the trailer HAD ME, it truly had me, up until the title sequence which deflated my sci-fi geek balloon in a whoosh of disappointment. But still, up until that point, I was all over it...

See the full list of IFC's 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time.

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