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If you can’t recall exactly what happened at the end of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the second (and hugely clunky) installment in this dystopian trilogy, you’re probably not alone. But you’d best refresh your memory before checking out this final chapter, because it literally hits the ground running and expects you to know what’s going on.

Like a rambling, satisfying novel, Hostiles is a beautiful, brutally sad portrayal of the violence that shaped the American West.

This timely and riveting freedom-of-the-press drama has already racked up a slew of award nominations, and will likely find itself on the Oscar® ballot very soon, as well. And though almost all of the action is set in 1971, the subject matter and themes of director Steven Spielberg’s latest cinematic slice of history will no doubt resonate strongly with present-day audiences, given the political climate in the U.S. today.

Skating a wobbly thin line between tragedy and dark comedy, I, Tonya succeeds in one thing: humanizing one of the most outrageous villains of modern sports.

It should come as no surprise that the star of writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson’s period drama about a finicky dressmaker in 1950s London is... the fashion. And, I suppose, the art direction. Yes, yes, this is rumored to be Daniel Day-Lewis’ final film before a self-imposed retirement, so all eyes should theoretically be on him, but (for me) the movie is actually more a case of the clothes making the man and the movie.

And while Phantom Thread is certainly visually sumptuous, its storytelling is comparatively wanting, and its lead character decidedly unsympathetic.

Though All the Money in the World comes with its own sensational backstage drama, the cinematic result is is a gripping thriller led by the terrific Michelle Williams.

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