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Despite its literary pedigree and all-star cast, director Kenneth Branagh’s big-screen adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie whodunit is a visually lush but narratively flat snoozer.

Annabelle: Creation finally answers the nagging question: How DOES a good doll go so very bad?

Like a bucket of candy poured out onto the comic pages after a Halloween haul, Thor: Ragnarok is a surprising jumble of fun.

Leave your credulity at the door and you just might have a good time.

Despite the astonishing, scary and true story portrayed in this film, the blur of characters ends up being as generic as the film's title.

The filmmaking team behind this fascinating and well-crafted biopic of Wonder Woman creator William Marston – and the decades-long relationship he and his wife Elizabeth had with their mutual lover, Olive Byrne – really couldn’t have asked for better timing in terms of its theatrical release. Just a few months ago, the big-screen adaptation of Marston’s iconic comic-book heroine was breaking box- office records, and now the character’s fascinating origin story arrives in theatres to ride the wave of interest from a whole new legion of fans.

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