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Eddie Redmayne's meteorological scientist is definitely the fairer sex when he pairs up with the Felicity Jones' adventurous balloon pilot in the atmospherically thin but still enjoyable The Aeronauts.

While this star-studded whodunit does possess some sharp zingers, it’s nowhere near as kooky and crazy as I thought it would be.

Though it has a two-movies-in-one structure that may make you check your watch, the family drama Waves boasts some of the most moving, gorgeously-shot scenes of the year.

"Queen and Slim" are the last people that want to become cultural heroes because of an act of violence, in this gripping, timely, and tragic couple-on-the-run road movie.

Sure it is flawed, but will Frozen fans dig this follow-up? The answer is a resounding “yes.”

The Report, despite a solid turn by Adam Driver as a Senate Intelligence Committee investigator, suffers cinematically from being a drama about a threatening stack of paper.

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