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Science is one of those things, like writing, that is difficult to convey in a movie. You can have stats and facts and graphics, which makes for compelling reading, like in Rebecca Skloot's bestselling book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks... but that doesn't mean it makes a compelling movie. So the adaptation of that book rightfully sticks to the human drama circling around a highly unusual cluster of history-altering human cells.

If you like watching the family pet die over and over, this is the feel-good movie for you!

The whole basic premise behind Collateral Beauty, showing how a group of friends would treat a colleague crippled by grief, is so inherently distasteful that the movie never gets you on its side.

If you ever wanted to see Downton Abbey's long-suffering yet saintly Anna Bates turn into a murderous sociopath, you will be appeased by Dark Angel.

What may have been a passable short film becomes an excruciatingly drawn-out exercise in unfunny.

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