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From "I Have a Dream" to "I Can't Breathe," this vast documentary covers the five decades since MLK and tries to make sense of how far we've come as a country since MLK, and how far we have yet to go.

The documentary Generation X tries to define a generation that refuses to be defined, thusly landing with a thud.

If anything can go wrong with genetic modification, it will. So why create something that will grow up to rip your face off?

"It was not a crash. It was a forced water landing."

We all know that there is nothing better than a really good villain. Who doesn't love a good bad guy? Darth Vader is a superstar in moody black, Hannibal Lecter seduces with freaky whispers about fava beans, shoot, even the dear, late Alan Rickman had his breakthrough as the scene-stealing bad guy in Die Hard. So when you have a movie that is ALL about bad guys, it seems like it should inherently be good, if not great. Well it isn't even close.

Like so many of us, Patrick makes a bunch of really bad decisions, but like many gays, he has his chosen family to pick him up and brush him off... and that is a good thing.

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