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I think my moviegoing pal summed it up best when, as we exited the theater after checking out this woefully mediocre female-bonding comedy, she said, “Well, it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

And she’s right: Snatched isn’t terrible, but it isn’t that great, either.

Guy Ritchie throws all the dazzling special effects at this modernized retelling of the classic fable, but forgets something important: interesting characters.

If the characters from Archie comics inhabited Twin Peaks, you would have Riverdale, a delightfully dark and twisty place full of melodrama, camp, and intrigue.

While almost every likable movie about bank robberies has a satisfying element of sticking it to the man, Going in Style is more about friendship, loyalty, and fresh starts than it is about knocking over a bank.

The less attention you pay to Kong: Skull Island, the dumber it will seem. If, for example, you're trying to make dinner, pick up the house, and calm down after going through major dental surgery with your cat, few things will sound more trite than a giant CG Kong roaring from your TV set. Really? Another Kong movie? What has the world come to?! However, if you've got the time to sit back and enjoy this epic popcorn movie, chances are you'll find something about it that you think is pretty cool.

Holy chalupas, Season 1 of Fuller House is available on DVD! If you're a TGIF fan who hasn't yet experienced the magic of this Netflix revival, here's your chance to own the next chapter in the lives of the Tanner family. The whole Full House gang (minus the totally unnecessary Olsen twins) is back for this nostalgic tour de force.

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