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It isn't until about the halfway point that The Age of Adaline suddenly gets interesting, and hints at movie it could have been. Somewhat surprisingly, the person who kicks this movie up a notch is Harrison Ford.

DINOSAUR SMASH. That’s about all you need to know in terms of what to expect from this high-concept popcorn-movie sequel.

There is a point in Mad Max: Fury Road where there is a close up of a body buried in sand. This body had been tossed around, strapped to a car, brutalized, and bled. And when this body slowly lifts his head, shaking sand from his face and blinking it from his eyes, I couldn't help but think, "Yeah, I know how you feel, buddy."

Creepy and chilling are two of the words that sprung to mind as I watched director Alex Gibney’s documentary exposé on the Church of Scientology. Coincidentally, those are also the two words that seem to best describe the Church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Yikes.

Okay, I watched this whole movie – which I was really looking forward to seeing – and I’m still not sure what it was supposed to be about. Redemption? Old flames? The military? The privatization of outer space? Hawaiian leprechauns? All of the above? None of the above?

Here’s everything you need to know about Spy: it’s awesome. It’s really funny, it’s really smart and it’s a pretty kick-ass action movie to boot. Go see it. Go!

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