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It's a constant challenge balancing Liv's zombie life with her old life.

Ben Affleck, showing up as a cranky-pants Bruce Wayne, almost manages to make Batman v Superman an interesting film. But it's too bad that no one is having any fun.

Though it is supposed to be an intense portrayal of the morality of modern warfare, instead it seems like spending a couple hours with hand-wringing co-workers that don't want to do their jobs.

This drug-soaked ode to the early 70s makes a huge mistake, forgetting that it is actually supposed to be about the much more interesting music industry.

I really wanted to love this movie. In the end, I found it just kind of meh and, I think, it might have benefitted from a stronger actress at the helm.

I can fully appreciate the art and craft of Noma's food creations, but I never really got the sense that the restaurant's pieces of art tasted GOOD.

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