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In no time, Independence Day: Resurgence establishes itself as yet another sequel that no one asked for.

Tensions continue to build in India between the occupying British and their Indian "royal subjects" in this soapy drama.

As the geopolitical real-world universe always seems to spin back to persecuting those who are different, the X-Men series always (unfortunately) feels timely.

Though Ice Girls' tagline "Skate. Don't hate." makes it sound like Mean Girls on ice, it's actually an appealing story about trying your best to achieve your dreams.

If we're being honest, it would be more appropriate to call The Quiet Man "The Stubborn Woman". This idyllic tale of romance in Ireland is defined not by the stoic determination of Sean Thornton (John Wayne), but by the fiery hard-headedness of Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O'Hara). It's an endearing love story hindered by Mary Kate's unrelenting adherence to tradition.

When a church's annual haunted house depicts modern horrors like rape, school gun violence, and abortion to scare the hell out of people... that is what my mom would call "bad style".

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