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Bloody Sunday is one of those films that you know immediately has only the best intentions. Focusing on the massacre of peace-marching civilians by British troops on one bloody day in early 1970s Northern Ireland, the film aims to expose in the most raw way the horror of the event.

If you love football, and I mean LOOOOOOOOVE football, you’ll likely enjoy Friday Night Lights more than I did.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't expect much from Latter Days, a gay romance/comedy/drama from C. Jay Cox, whose most well-known previous venture was writing the screenplay for the popular but eyeball-rolling mainstream romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama. Regardless of whether that movie was a fluke of his talents, or this movie is, I will say right now that I wasn't the only one in the packed festival audience that was moved to tears by the end of this impressive directing debut. It ended up winning the Audience Award at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Sometimes when you smell a rat, it's best just to kill it point in having everyone think you made it up!

It took me years to get up enough courage to finally watch Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Whenever there was a preview of this flick tacked onto another film, I'd sit there and shudder audibly, telling anyone near enough to listen that the animation completely freaked me out. There was this creepy skeletal character, moving along like a stop-motion praying mantis, and singing, fer cryin' out loud. I don't need anymore "stuff of nightmares" planted in my subconscious. "But it is sooo CUTE!!!" one of my friends kept squealing enthusiastically....

What'cha doing in your bed? You should be dancing! (Yeah!)

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