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I will admit to being a Peanuts purist and, when word got out that Hollywood was planning a computer-animated version of the beloved cartoons, my reaction was a hearty, "Good grief."

Old is new again! Unless it is actually old, or it's completely redone, or it's just repeated. Whatever... let's blow some things up!

If you have ever watched any sci-fi movie ever, you know that artificial intelligence is a bad idea.

Let's just say, if you have tried a transporter successfully ONE TIME with a monkey, and proceed to use it yourself like an hour later, the "Science!" in your head is rather suspect.

You know, if director Neill Blomkamp had turned Chappie into a family film, it may have hung together much more tightly (and effectively), and I might have enjoyed it more. As it stands, it’s instead a somewhat incoherent sci-fi mish-mash that surrounds its meek, misguided, metal hero in chaos and violence.

There have been so many versions of and variations on the story of Cinderella, that it's hard to get terribly excited about another one. However, Disney's latest live action incarnation of the fairy tale is surprisingly delightful. Based heavily upon their 1950 animated film and directed by the always classy Kenneth Branagh, the Cinderella of 2015 offers something for everyone.

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