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There are moments in Complete Unknown where I had flashes of recognition and familiarity. Maybe I myself didn't relate completely to Alice, who we learn used to be Jenny, but I've met her before.

The World's Fastest Indian is a perfectly charming movie that is saddled with probably most confusing film title in recent memory.

In this fascinating doc, a young entrepreneur brings a famous Hollywood cemetery into the high-tech age.

Though the movie itself may not be stellar, there is still an undeniable thrill seeing the talkies come to life in this classic.

Other than the curiosity factor of seeing some familiar faces (like Daniel Craig and Lena Headey) getting busy in soft-core horror stories, the offshoot TV-series The Hunger leaves us, well, hungering for something better.

Musical theater lovers can rejoice in two-hours of pure Stephen Sondheim bliss as Broadway’s biggest names gathered to honor the master composer and lyricist on his 80th birthday in SONDHEIM! The Birthday Concert.

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