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The Little House on the Prairie: Legacy Movie Collection contains the three movies of the week that aired following the series' original run. If my own level of excitement was any indication, audiences would have eagerly anticipated the chance to revisit these beloved characters and the prairie itself. It was so easy to forget that Michael Landon seemed to take ghoulish pride in masterminding the horrible things that would befall the Ingalls family (and viewers).

Relentlessly brutal (which will temper how much you enjoy this series) The Tunnel propels itself with a constant feeling of dread as a terrorist makes a point to illustrate everything that is wrong with modern society.

Where the first movie felt like a fresh take on 70s-style horror, the sequel just feels stuck in horror movie cliches.

...more hit-and-miss than hit.

Stephen King adaptations have always been hit or miss. However, 11.22.63 has a couple things going for it from the start. There is the always-intriguing question, if you could go back and prevent a tragedy in history, would it change the present for the better? Plus, being produced as an 8-hour series gives a complicated plot plenty of room to breathe. The problem is, a lot of it still comes across as silly.

If there's one thing Shane Black has mastered, it's setting memorable, engaging characters against a backdrop of noirish twists and turns. I often find myself hard-pressed to explain the finer plot points in his movies, but the people he creates stick with me. Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) do just that in The Nice Guys.

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