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I laughed. I cried. I relived my childhood.

Patience is a virtue when absorbing this quiet triptych of stories.

Mike and Dave may have their names in the title, but it's the girls that steal the movie.

Just having Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart stand next to each other is funny. But who knew they'd be such a great comedy team?

This entire film feels like a poor attempt to squeeze more blood out a stone that was soundly and very satisfyingly squeezed previously. And, if the world had really been clamoring for a Neighbors sequel that badly, why not make one that doesn’t simply recycle the original in such a forced, less interesting way?

Though this Tarzan tries to insert some political and cultural backdrop into the story to give it a little heft, it still remembers to give us what we really want: A ripped, shirtless Tarzan swinging through the trees.

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