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It's too bad that a film can't simply propel itself along on the eye-candy factor alone. Matt Damon, as an amnesiac perhaps-super-spy, and cutie-pie Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) as the German girl who gets hauled along as he runs from the bad guys, make an interesting and attractive couple. But boy-oh-boy, I had read that The Bourne Identity had all sorts of problems in production, mainly the screenplay and the ever-changing finale, and it sure shows.

What's a little collateral damage if you are trying to save the world?

Oh, how I wanted this to be great. Oh, how disappointed I was that it was not.

Beyond fear, the most emotional involvement I felt was wanting to push the kid aside so I could have Baloo and Bagheera as my personal friends in my own movie.

Just keep swimming, Dory. We are more than happy to stick by your side wherever your adventures take you.

I always approach film versions of favorite books with a combination of excitement and dread. Obviously it's super cool that someone made a movie of something I already love, but what if they muck it all up and it looks nothing like I imagined in my head? The BFG is especially sensitive territory as it takes the reader into the realm of giants, whizzpoppers, and dreams. It's a magical, fantastic universe that could be easily be tainted through clumsy interpretation. I'm pleased to report that the team at Disney nailed it.

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