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In a sweet, weep-worthy Disney arc that just happens to be real life, the wonderful world of animated films proves to the be the key that unlocks communication for a young man with autism.

Here's what you need to know about the Ghostbusters remake: Leslie Jones doesn't just run away with the entire film, she does wind sprints around her co-stars when it comes to comedy.

Tedious and unfunny, this latest installment of the Ice Age franchise is kind of a frenetic mess that feels like a last-ditch cash-grab effort to squeeze one more drop of blood from an already completely depleted (Paleolithic-era) stone.

There are several guffaw-worthy moments in Bad Moms, but in the meantime it gets dragged down by the screenwriter panic of this being, oh, a chick flick.

Florence Foster Jenkins was a woman who was an uneven, not particularly talented singer, but people loved her because her earnestness.

Florence Foster Jenkins, the movie, is also uneven, despite its talent and earnestness, and is simply not very good.

With its dry, dusty Texas landscapes bathed in gold and soaked in beer, this bank-robber road movie is as enjoyable as it is profoundly sad.

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