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With rumors of a curse swirling, this would have been a very good time to throw in the towel.

If your inner voice found a vessel, would it manifest itself as a talking beaver puppet that sounded like Michael Caine?

The relentlessly overexposed trio of Kristen Stewart (as Bella, the pining human girl), Robert Pattinson (as Edward, the brooding vampire boy), and Taylor Lautner (as Jacob, the wolf boy with jailbait abs) are back in the highly anticipated third film. Too bad for them that they are once again the dullest, mopiest characters in the movie.

The downright weird dialogue blatantly filling a children's TV special is just one of the reasons why so many of these Peanuts specials remain classics.

Toothless the dragon is sleek and black, has eyes like a cat, and giant wings like a bat. I dubbed him the Giant Kittybat. I. Want. A. Giant. Kittybat.

Picking up two years after the first Cranford series, Return to Cranford finds all the spinsters afflutter about the looming threat of the railroad.

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