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Haunted houses, ghosts, witches, and werewolves abound, and in the middle of it all this beloved cat and mouse duo just keep scrapping as fiercely as ever.

Woody Allen continues his love-affair with Europe, setting his sights on Rome, Italy.

It is a story within a story with a story, a stack of Russian nesting dolls where not all plots are equal, or for that matter, interesting.

This incredibly true war story that shows that humanity and kindness can sometimes emerge from the violence.

I’m sure more than a few people will accuse this modern-day fable of being overly cloying, but I thought it was a lovely, heartfelt little movie about what it means to be different.

William Shatner as Paul Revere, Tom Bosley as Benjamin Franklin, and Peter Graves as George Washington... there's a lot to love about The Kent Chronicles.

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