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Adam Sandler swaps his trademark adult comedies with juvenile humor for a cute-and-funny animated comedy targeted at the pint-sized set and their parents.

This might wind up being my favorite movie of 2012. Seriously.

If Sam Gerald didn't let the fugitive get away, we wouldn't have chases involving crashing 727s and little boats and trains and cars and grain silos and cemeteries and rooftops and on and on and on.

If there’s one thing director Len Wiseman does better than anyone else on the planet, it’s making his wife – Kate Beckinsale – look BLAZINGLY HOT onscreen. In fact, she steals this sci-fi remake right out from under the nose of its star.

Haunted houses, ghosts, witches, and werewolves abound, and in the middle of it all this beloved cat and mouse duo just keep scrapping as fiercely as ever.

Woody Allen continues his love-affair with Europe, setting his sights on Rome, Italy.

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