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It would all be almost unbearable to watch if you didn't know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel—maybe not for many of those in the movie, but for those who came after.

This sounds like one of those stupid horror movies where the characters consistently do the wrong thing until they meet a terrible end, but The Barrens is different. The characters are refreshingly relatable, and for all their flaws feel like a real family.

The end result is a movie that immediately begs the question, "who was this made for?" It's not quite kid-friendly, and it's not quite badass enough for teenagers or adults.

Though the film keeps you in suspense up until the last scene, the audience is never in doubt that true love will win out.

This is a disappointing, choppy, dimly lit and entirely by-the-numbers hybrid of a bad soap opera, a cheesy lesbian romance novel and any number of movies set in that clichéd hot-bed of same-sex action: the all-girls’ high school.

The Courier has a new assignment even more mysterious than most of his assignments. It is so mysterious that neither he nor you will ever know what the hell is going on...

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