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I'm going to hell for saying this, but Abe Lincoln was the least interesting character in the movie that bears his name.

With no vampires around to distract viewers with their good hair and their faux-sparkle, Kristen Stewart really gets a chance to shine.

Hey, let's give Al this really weak script, send him out of make-up with his hair too poufy, and see if we can throw him off his game.

8 Women is the kind of movie that you think you can sum up in a sentence—but it packs more surprises than you thought a movie like this could handle. Its quirky themes include murder, betrayal, deception, lesbianism, pregnancy, incest, slapstick comedy, and some of the most inexplicable musical numbers I've ever seen. Interested yet?

You don’t need to have spent any time in an arcade in order to enjoy this cheerful, spirited animated comedy about a villain who wants nothing more than to be a hero.

Do like to watch stuff blow up real good? Can you suspend your disbelief from an astounding height? Then director Roland Emmerich’s bloated, narratively laughable and somewhat unsettling destructo-porn opus might be for you.

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