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The visual effects in this teens-go-nuts sci-fi offering are often spectacular. Beyond that, though, there isn’t a whole lot in this film at which to marvel.

Wait, I still can't see the buffalo-headed woman figure. Could you just move the light a little bit to the... zzzzzzz....

It's a rare thing to come upon a movie whose ending you simply cannot guess, and it's even rarer when it comes to romances.

Unfolding like a magical, mystical dream, director Ang Lee’s visually breathtaking adaption of the bestselling Yann Martel novel delivers a cinematic experience that’s as entertaining as it is spiritual.

If you've made it this far through The Twilight Saga series of movies, nothing will stop you from seeing the final chapter. Or Part 2 of the final chapter, that is. Luckily, based on the sounds of the theater full of excited fans, the film doesn't disappoint.

Here we have yet another 80s re-boot that misses the mark, but still manages to be a lightning-fast paced action flick.

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