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Though not on the level with Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Sixteen Candles, this lightweight comedy is still a nostalgic delight.

Give credit where credit is due: Sugar Sweet should get a pie slice simply for having the words "lesbian porn" on the back of the DVD cover and an actress named C. Snatch Z. in the credits. I mean, how great is that?

Street Kings really only started to lose me after, say, the 10th twist...

With so much going on visually, it ultimately made me feel kind of blinky and tired.

Despite Les Misérables’ iconic status among stage musicals, its much-loved story that leaves audiences emotionally devastated by the final curtain, and a marquee-friendly high-profile cast sure to boost ticket sales, director Tom Hooper’s bloated big-screen version of the Victor Hugo classic doesn’t necessarily deliver on its potential.

A teen from the ghettos of India finds himself at the center of a cheating scandal when he reaches new game-show heights in this lively and colorful drama from director Danny Boyle.

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