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The Hunter, on the surface is a thriller, but as a whole it is a surprisingly effective mood piece.

The John Cleese Comedy Collection pulls together some of his rareties and lost gems.

Though I found the film simultaneously highly enjoyable and strangely uneven, I fully realize that anything I say about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will not prevent this movie from making approximately one beeeeeellion dollars in theaters.

Letters between a Union soldier and his wife offer a human and personal view of the ugliness that was the Civil War.

It is humbling to be reminded of a time when not only the economy rebelled against hard-working Americans, but nature itself turned against those who depended on her for their livelihoods.

Ricky Gervais (bless his heart) with his rather doughy complexion, curiously fangy Cheshire smile, and propensity to ramble on inappropriately, is not really the first fellow who comes to mind as a leading man for a sweet, kinda sad, kinda romantic comedy. But in a strange way this Brit, best known in these parts for his role as the asshole boss in the UK's original The Office, as well as his cable comedy series Extras, fits his role in Ghost Town perfectly.

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