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If you keep making that face, it'll get stuck that way.

"Beat" Takeshi plays the titular blind swordman, a master of slicing and dicing, who wanders the land posing as a masseuse.

I've always thought it a bit ironic that the land of the stiff-upper lip has always been much more risk-taking and ground-breaking when it comes to television programming. No, I'm not talking about creating the original "Pop Idol" or "Millionaire" series... I'm talking about Britain's excellent, sexually daring, well-written, and wonderfully acted mini-series. Even when the results are merely guilty-pleasure-enjoyable (like in this case, Tipping the Velvet), you have to be impressed with the fact that they not only get a top-notch screenwriter involved (Andrew Davies, of Pride and Prejudice fame, among his many respected adaptations), but they manage to get a DILDO on the BBC! That is one thing, I guarantee, you will NEVER see on network American TV.

In many ways, this behind-the-scenes documentary is far more compelling and dramatic than the most perfectly-crafted work of fiction.

When I walked into The Vow, I was all ready to be swept up and swept away by a moving, heart-swelling romantic drama about the power of love. Instead, I got a teary-eyed Channing Tatum trying repeatedly to rekindle a flame that had little spark to begin with.

One of the surefire marks of a good director is that you cannot imagine anyone else making their movies. Can you imagine someone other than Shyamalan creating a film about a small village surrounded by woods that are inhabited by monsters?

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