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A motley crew of misfit Danes meet, pair up, and fall in love in a beginning language class in this sweet and very funny romantic comedy.

It seems that so many indie-British movies of late try to emulate the gritty, intimate, almost documentary-ish style of the great Mike Leigh. Alas, no one quite portrays the British working class as well as he does, but it's interesting to see others try.

Tom Berenger, 28-years-old at the time, is just about the least-passable 16-year-old ever on film. However, he sure is pretty. Plus he is often showing lots of skin (plus his bits and pieces) in this soft-core Canadian film, which made In Praise of Older Women a surprise hit in the 1970s.

As cornball as this Zorro is, there is no denying that Alain Delon is a hottie in a black mask.

The Hunter, on the surface is a thriller, but as a whole it is a surprisingly effective mood piece.

The John Cleese Comedy Collection pulls together some of his rareties and lost gems.

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