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Moon is a captivating and quietly thrilling take on modern sci-fi, with the slow and graceful unfolding of a puzzle that truly shocks.

"For the animals that didn't have a dad to put them in a boat, the end of the world already happened."

Little Ashes is a character study of two young men with passionate, tortured feelings for each other... they just happen to be the famous artist Salvador Dali and the poet Federico García Lorca. (And yes, you do get to see heartthrob Robert Pattinson kiss another man.)

Last Night left me with a kind of shuddery creeped-out feeling, while at the same time I ultimately felt uninvolved with the characters.

Afraid to leave no stone unturned this time around, Peter Jackson's first film in The Hobbit trilogy is lengthy and exhaustive, yet will still most likely please fans.

This movie does exactly what it is supposed to do: It puts a big ol' smile on your face through the joy of music.

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