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If you enjoy really, really wet sound effects from extremely graphic, brain-splattering gunshot wounds, well this is the movie for you.

Could you walk across a continent if your life literally depended on it?

Sure, sharp suits, hot dames, a scenery-chewing bad guy, and lots and LOTS of guns make a gangster movie... but you need more than that to make a GOOD gangster movie.

For a brisk one-hour documentary, PBS' Secrets of the Manor House does exactly what it is supposed to: engage, educate, and even titillate the viewer about the heyday of the British aristocracy.

This continuation of the classic British series Upstairs, Downstairs has the unfortunate luck of coming out at the same time as the similarly-themed—and better—series Downton Abbey.

The Great War muscles its way into the ordered world of Downton Abbey, and things will never be the same.

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