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This uneven comedy (based on a so-crazy-it's-true Texas murder) could have soared as a brilliant mock(doc?)umentary.

I'm always pleased to see another lovely Spanish export come to Hollywood, broken English and all! Javier Bardem, previously seen in films like Almodovar's drama Live Flesh and the sexy Jamón, Jamón (with young Penelope Cruz), makes an impressive English-language debut in Before Night Falls (and getting a Best Actor Oscar nomination to boot).

WAY better than Quantum of Solace but not *quiiite* as awesome as Casino Royale, this 23rd installment in the 007 franchise delivers a pretty kick-ass thrill ride.

Years and years, and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in the making, Avatar shows that director James Cameron is still the King of the World. Well, the king of his own fantasy world of Pandora at least.

"You have to be the most annoying man I've ever met," observes a man. "Do I HAVE to?" replies Arthur, cracking himself up. Yes Arthur, I'm afraid the dolt who wrote this movie thinks so.

I was ready to give up after my eyeballs rolled across the floor in the first ten minutes.

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