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This entire film feels like a poor attempt to squeeze more blood out a stone that was soundly and very satisfyingly squeezed previously. And, if the world had really been clamoring for a Neighbors sequel that badly, why not make one that doesn’t simply recycle the original in such a forced, less interesting way?

Though this Tarzan tries to insert some political and cultural backdrop into the story to give it a little heft, it still remembers to give us what we really want: A ripped, shirtless Tarzan swinging through the trees.

While waiting for the light to change at a crosswalk, do you ever spot an attractive person waiting on the other side of the street, and start to fantasize your future together during your couple minutes of waiting... the flirting, the electricity, the passion, your shared life with The One? The light changes, and The One walks right by you with nary a glance of recognition... and you find yourself thinking, "What if he/she were The One that got away?"

If The Huntsman: Winter's War was sold as a live-action remake of Frozen, it would have been a box office smash.

Bryan Cranston's stellar portrayal of LBJ is easily the most intriguing part of this "year in the life" drama.

The Little House on the Prairie: Legacy Movie Collection contains the three movies of the week that aired following the series' original run. If my own level of excitement was any indication, audiences would have eagerly anticipated the chance to revisit these beloved characters and the prairie itself. It was so easy to forget that Michael Landon seemed to take ghoulish pride in masterminding the horrible things that would befall the Ingalls family (and viewers).

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