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A sometimes muddled head-scratching ghost story plot is buoyed by the always interesting Kristen Stewart.

It's Apocalypse Now meets Jurassic Park (with a big ape) in this odd mishmash monster movie.

Hooperman is a welcome reminder that John Ritter was not all shrillness and pratfalls. This semi-forgotten Steven Bochco gem from the late 80s is essentially a character study of Harry Hooperman (Ritter), an idealistic San Francisco cop who abruptly inherits an apartment house and an ill-tempered dog when his landlady/second mom is murdered. It serves an excellent vehicle to showcase Ritter's depth and range as an actor.

To see such an iconic moment in modern history broken down with such precision is as fascinating as watching a car crash where you can't look away.

The Grinder is a charming, clever, self-deprecating show that provides the perfect vehicle to showcase the talents of its cast. Naturally, it was cancelled after the first season. Luckily it is available for us to enjoy on DVD, and each episode builds upon the last, making it perfect for binge viewing.

I know tweens that could spot the holes in this plot a mile away. That said, tweens also might find the charm in this story of a boy who fell to Earth.

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