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13 Going on 30 proves that wishes do come true.

To give Bait 3D some credit, it has the single greatest tagline for a movie about a shark terrorizing hapless victims in a supermarket: "Cleanup in Aisle 7!" (with a picture of a severed leg in a shopping cart). Haw!

Chained is a weird movie. It's not just the torture porn sensibility or the utter bleak perversity of the subject matter, it's that it's also a fairly fascinating character drama, chronicling one young man's years spent captive in a sadistic killer's home.

Remember that charming stranger you met on the train, who proposed swapping murders? Criss-cross? You thought he was joking. He wasn't.

This is an intriguing (if brief) introduction to the man that designed some of America's greatest urban parks.

Though What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a bonafide camp-horror classic featuring two of classic-Hollywood's favorite divas cooped-up in a house and squaring off, it is still a surprisingly effective psycho-drama where one sister slides into delusion and cruelty, while the other sister fights for survival.

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