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Though rather milquetoast, this little movie offers up wholesome entertainment that's safe to share with the whole family.

Page Eight, despite taking place in and around the MI5 office in London, is played less like a political thriller (which it is), and more like a drama. This would be fine, except for the fact that it doesn't work very well as a drama.

It kind of feels like a "books on tape" on film...

To say that The Paperboy is a hot mess is both a gross understatement and more of a compliment than the movie deserves. With a handful of big Hollywood names chewing scenery for 107 minutes in a movie rife with sex, scandal, and violence, you'd think you'd be in for a pretty entertaining ride, but somehow The Paperboy is as boring and tedious as it is over the top.

A stirring war film about the home front during WWII, the moving drama Mrs. Miniver unfortunately will always feel timely.

"Grand Hotel. People come and go. Nothing ever happens." If that were true, we'd never have the classic Hollywood film where Garbo uttered her most famous line.

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