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I must say that if I ever have to endure a painful, primitive medical procedure, I hope to do so in Al Pacino's arms.

On December 9, 2001 in a rich, white neighborhood of Durham, North Carolina, famous author Michael Peterson called 911 in hysterics to report that his wife Kathleen Peterson had fallen down the stairs and was barely breathing. When paramedics and officials arrived, she was dead, but the amount of blood at the scene caused the police enough alarm to arrest Michael Peterson on suspicion for the murder of his wife.

As the film builds to its bittersweet conclusion, its social commentary is strongly felt, but does not overshadow the events that unfold.

I was reminded yet again why I am a dog person.

There's quite an interesting feminist subplot under all the dancing and Laura Branigan music.

Nick has many things to learn, most of which has to do with sex and drugs and lifestyles of the very very rich.

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