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Despite Les Misérables’ iconic status among stage musicals, its much-loved story that leaves audiences emotionally devastated by the final curtain, and a marquee-friendly high-profile cast sure to boost ticket sales, director Tom Hooper’s bloated big-screen version of the Victor Hugo classic doesn’t necessarily deliver on its potential.

A teen from the ghettos of India finds himself at the center of a cheating scandal when he reaches new game-show heights in this lively and colorful drama from director Danny Boyle.

Disclaimer: You may be alarmed at my high rating of what is widely agreed to be one of the worst movies ever made. But I say Showgirls is actually one of the finest bad movies out there, and its shocking enjoyabilty alone is the reason I give it such high marks. The movie sucks, but I kind of love it!

Who is Jack Reacher? Among other things, he is a man who can solve crime scenes by squinting a lot, taking no notes, and standing really close while talking to hot defense attorneys.

Could bonding over fly fishing be the first step to world peace? Well, why not?

Writer-director Judd Apatow’s look at love and marriage features some really wonderful moments in a slice-of-life movie that eschews much of his trademark raunch in favour of a goofy (and occasionally saucy) maturity that’s perfect for the material.

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