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There is absolutely no shame in love Star Trek. (Unless you love it a little too much...)

Our Review

This documentary is for anyone who is an admitted (or in-denial) Star Trek fan, or for anyone who enjoyed the movie Galaxy Quest. It's a no-frills low budget film about Star Trek fans, hosted and produced by Denise Crosby (which proves once you're involved with Star Trek, it will haunt your professional career forever).

This is pretty much a straight-ahead documentary, with interviews with fans and cast members of the various Trek TV series.  No clever or ironic narration is needed, because basically you can't make these people any funnier (often in a very wrong way) than they naturally present themselves.

One of the featured fans is the woman who wore her homemade Trek uniform to the Whitewater trials a few years ago and made national news. Another featured fan makes reproductions of the "technology" used in the shows... he proudly shows off his most prized creation: A replica of the box-chair that disabled Captain Pike (the short-lived captain of the original series) used in one episode. It basically looks like a motorized black plastic recycling bin, with the driver's head sticking out of the top. The camera follows its creator driving down the side of of a busy street in his hometown in the Midwest somewhere. I laughed so hard at that scene that I choked on my pizza and nearly had to be Heimliched. Highly recommended for some good laughs!


Linda, Webmistress

Enjoys Oscar-bait, foreign films, sci-fi movies, and even movies with talking dogs.

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