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Hot Docs 2014: Let the Festival Begin!

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about Gideon’s Army and my 2013 Hot Docs experience drawing to a close, yet here it is: time for the 2014 festival to get underway! And I’m not exaggerating when I say I look forward to Hot Docs all year long – it’s blocked off on my calendar as soon as the dates are announced and, every year, I am practically giddy with anticipation by the time opening night rolls around.

Hot Docs 2014 will unspool nearly 200 documentaries from 43 different countries, and boasts a vast – and eclectic – array of scheduled guests, including George Takei, Alice Cooper, “psychic” Miss Cleo and BIG BIRD! Ticket prices have creeped up again (likely owing to the increasing popularity of docs and the fact that this festival is North America’s largest devoted to the genre), but that isn’t deterring anyone: a whole slew of screenings have already gone rush.

As I pack my snacks, circle my films and set out for 10 days of doc-seeing, I wonder how my mind will be blown this year?

Looking for info?

* Check out the official Hot Docs website.

* To browse the films on offer (and find some to see!), you can peruse the full film list.

* And, for tickets, visit the online box office or head to the fest box office in Cumberland Terrace.

Happy filmgoing!

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