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Even horror films, often not taken seriously, are a reaction to and a reflection of the world in which we live.

Whether you're a devoted film fan or a writer hoping to see your work on the big screen, Tim Grierson's book, FilmCraft: Screenwriting, contains something for everyone.

If you've ever wanted to hear three sides to the same story, here's your chance!

In 1981 Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala bonded over their love for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though only eleven and ten years old respectively, they decided to remake the film scene by scene and resolved not to stop until they were done.

Calling all Les Mis fanatics! —Les Misérables: From Stage to Screen chronicles the 35-year journey of the world’s most popular musical to one of 2012’s must-see films.

Rob Christopher's Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie is a book after my own heart. Not only is it published by the American Library Association, it extols the virtues of using public libraries to explore movies.

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